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The_Sages_of_West_47th_Street_cover_d3_frontThe Sages of West 47th Street

These memoirs and creative nonfiction stories tell mostly of my youth and early twenties, the psychologist in the boy, childhood in a suburban town during the Cold War followed by a willful outward push into the world, taking to the road. Memories are ephemeral, with shadows and streaks of light breaking through. I’ve found great richness in relationships, as well as in private thought. In the stillness of remembering, important people from my past return with surprising ease. The later pieces are reflective vignettes, following a muse who refuses any interest in linear time. Regardless of the age of characters, everyone is in the making. Many of the characters in these stories are disguised in name and identifying details.


A Perfect Stillness A_Perfect_Stillness_cover_091618

It’s a unique challenge to write fictional accounts of psychotherapy when the author is also a practicing psychologist. Our everyday encounters take place in more contexts than we are aware of, calling for images and descriptions that never conform to a simple appreciation of me, you, ours, distilling and hiding explanations, illuminating wish and need.

These are not disguised stories about actual persons in therapy; they are stories of imagined people, often collective tributes representing all the therapy with women who have been violated, also men in search of meaning, love, culture and family, or finding meaning in relationships when the past has led to pain. A story emerges in a language of intimate construction. Some of these tales are not concerned with therapy; the connecting theme is always the richness of subjective life and our influence on each other’s deepest regions, which can occur within the first moments of meeting.